Learn about mobiliz3 beta

mobiliz3 BETA

How often do you get to contribute to the world while playing games?

What if you could help important social and environmental causes at the same time?

And what if you could do that just by playing fun games?

Zig Zag Zoom's mobiliz3 is a mobile platform that connects people who want to Have Fun and Do Good.


So how WILL it work?

We are creating mobiliz3 so that you can HAVE FUN and DO GOOD at the same time.  Earn mobiliz3 points every time you make an in-game purchase and use those points to vote for causes YOU care about!  When mobiliz3 launches officially later this year, Zig Zag Zoom will be making real donations to great non-profit organizations and will be allocating those funds based on your votes.  In the meantime, help us make mobiliz3 the best it can be by participating in the beta version and taking the survey!


Have fun - play games!

Step 2:

Earn mobiliz3 points
as you play!


Step 3:

Assign your mobiliz3 points to direct funds to great causes!

Step 4:

Have real-world impact!

Together, through mobiliz3, we all can Have Fun and Do Good every day.