Zig Zag Zoom Terms of Service


These terms of service ("terms") are a legal agreement between Zig Zag Zoom ("Zig Zag Zoom") and members ("you"). By using or accessing Zig Zag Zoom service ("service"), you agree to be bound by these terms. This agreement provides relationships between Zig Zag Zoom and you, legal liabilities/obligations, and other necessary aspects regarding the usage of service.



Definitions used in this agreement are as follows:

  • "Service" represents Zig Zag Zoom service provided in convenience of you regardless of operating devices. (PC, TV, Portable Device with wired/wireless features equipped)
  • "You" or “User” represent you logging in the service provided by Zig Zag Zoom after viewing and agreeing with the terms.
  • "ID" represents the approved combination of letters and numbers that is used to differentiate you and the usage of the service.
  • "Post" or "Posts" represent all written posts or content in special letters, alphabets, or numbers on any part of the service managed by Zig Zag Zoom.


Posting Terms and Revision

Zig Zag Zoom posts these terms of service on the official website for reference. (http://www.zigzagzoom.com/terms-of-service). Zig Zag Zoom can revise/edit these terms within the lawful boundary of terms and legal liabilities of information and information protection. As Zig Zag Zoom revises these terms, the official notice of changes/revision will be posted 7 days prior to the change by law. Upon the official notice by Zig Zag Zoom regarding the revision/edition of the terms, you will be receiving a notice that, without your answer to the notice within 7 days, Zig Zag Zoom will assume that you fully agree to these revised/edited terms.


Contract of Usage

Contract of usage is made as a user who wishes to be a Zig Zag Zoom member ("applicant") completes full registration process along with his/her agreement on the terms upon the initial usage of the service client. Registration will be completed once Zig Zag Zoom approves such a process.

Zig Zag Zoom is responsible for approving/reviewing the registration process of all members to use the service. However, Zig Zag Zoom has the right to disapprove or nullify the contract regarding registration process under the following circumstances:

  • Applicant has previously lost membership due to breach of these terms,
  • Applicant has used someone else's personal information,
  • Applicant has entered false information or has not completed required fields requested by Zig Zag Zoom,
  • Applicant under 13 has not obtained a legal guardian's consent to use the service, or
  • Applicant has been denied the registration due for any reason

Zig Zag Zoom may delay applicant's registration process due to insufficiency of service related repair or technical/business related problems. When Zig Zag Zoom denies or delays applicant's registration, Zig Zag Zoom is responsible to inform the applicant regarding the status of your registration. Zig Zag Zoom may set limits/levels of usage time, count, service menu, and etc. on you by Zig Zag Zoom's regulations and terms. Zig Zag Zoom may restrict contents on you by ratings and ages bounded by law.


Protection of Personal Information/Privacy

Zig Zag Zoom protects your information by different areas of law. Regarding protection and usage of information, laws, and Zig Zag Zoom's personal information/privacy policy will be in full effect. For details of Zig Zag Zoom's personal information/privacy policy, please visit the official Zig Zag Zoom website. (http://www.zigzagzoom.com/privacy-policy)


Liabilities of Managing Your ID

You are responsible for managing your own ID. Any third party should not use your ID. Zig Zag Zoom may restrict the usage of ID, should your ID expose personal information, derogatory messages, inappropriate conduct, or if it attempts to represent the user as an employee or staff member of Zig Zag Zoom. You must notify Zig Zag Zoom and abide by the instructions given when you find out your ID has been stolen or used by the third party. Regarding the statement above, when you fail to notify Zig Zag Zoom regarding the issue or do not follow instructions given by Zig Zag Zoom, Zig Zag Zoom is not responsible for any damages caused.


Notice to Members

Unless there are specific rules, when Zig Zag Zoom provides notices and announcements for you, email, messages from Zig Zag Zoom managed services, SMS, or Push Notifications will be used.


Liabilities of Zig Zag Zoom

Zig Zag Zoom prohibits actions that violate the law. Zig Zag Zoom strives to bring continuous and stable service to you. Zig Zag Zoom must equip protection systems to have you safely use the service and protect personal information. Such notices and announcements must be posted to let you know about personal information/privacy policy and changes. Zig Zag Zoom is responsible for processing any suggestions or complaints from you regarding the service. For such suggestions or complaints, please send an e-mail to cs@zigzagzoom.com.


Your Responsibility

You are prohibited from the following:

  • Providing false information when registering or modifying member information online,
  • Using someone else's information,
  • Changing information posted by Zig Zag Zoom,
  • Collecting or attempting to collect another member's personal information or account information,
  • Using the service to promote another commercial business without the consent of Zig Zag Zoom,
  • Duplicating, disassembling, or modifying the service by any means including reverse engineering, user of decompilers or disassemblers, etc.,
  • Using the service in abnormal fashion by using automated login programs or other methods that create heavy traffic on Zig Zag Zoom servers and interfere with server stability,
  • Granting membership/login privilege to a third party,
  • Violating copyrights entitled to Zig Zag Zoom and any related third party,
  • Posting or showing any inappropriate, obscene, or violent content on the service,
  • Using the service for personal profit or gain,
  • Engaging in any other illegal or unlawful activity

You must abide by the related law, these terms, and must not interfere with any official business matters of Zig Zag Zoom.


Providing Service

Zig Zag Zoom provides different services to members as follows:

  • Different products and information regarding various events and updates hosted by Zig Zag Zoom
  • Platforms to discuss Zig Zag Zoom products
  • Any additional services developed, distributed, and/or managed by Zig Zag Zoom
  • Zig Zag Zoom may divide the service into certain range and set the usage time on each range of the service. When this occurs, prior notice will be posted.
  • Service is available for 24 hours a day.

Zig Zag Zoom may suspend the service temporarily, should there be any computer related repair/maintenance or network connectivity issues. When this occurs, Zig Zag Zoom is responsible to inform you by email, private message, SMS, or Push Notification. However, when Zig Zag Zoom is unable to notify in advance, Zig Zag Zoom may send out notifications after occurrence of such an event. Zig Zag Zoom may also run scheduled maintenance to provide better service.


Changing/Exchanging the Service

Zig Zag Zoom may modify or suspend all or parts of the service provided due to difficulties/decrease in usage, necessity to upgrade with better technology, changes in policies regarding services provided, and etc. Zig Zag Zoom may fix, suspend, or modify all or parts of free services provided based on the policy and management. Unless there is a specific law regarding this occurrence, Zig Zag Zoom does not provide any compensation to you for these changes. Zig Zag Zoom must provide a notice [1] day prior to changes or suspension of the service on the official website or Zig Zag Zoom managed platforms. The notice will include details of the service to be changed or suspended, reasons, and the specific date.


Providing Information

Zig Zag Zoom will provide necessary information on the official website or Zig Zag Zoom managed platforms. You may opt not to receive any information sent from Zig Zag Zoom by sending an e-mail to cs@zigzagzoom.com.


Managing Posts

When your posts contain any content that violate game rules or community rules, the service can take action to remove such content, and suspend use of your Zig Zag Zoom account. Zig Zag Zoom may take temporary action on posts without sending notice if they violate the law.


Possession of the Rights

Copyrights and intellectual properties regarding the service belong to Zig Zag Zoom. This includes your own posts and posts on any Zig Zag Zoom managed platform. Copyrights and intellectual properties on all trademarks, service marks and logos of the service regarding the design of the service, texts, script, graphics, and communication functions among members belong to Zig Zag Zoom. Zig Zag Zoom has the exclusive rights to possess and use these features. Through these terms, you do not own the service or own rights/intellectual properties of the service. Zig Zag Zoom grants you the privilege to use these features. The service is provided only in the means of information acquisition or personal use. Only approved members will be able to use the service. You acquire membership status through the service upon approval of Zig Zag Zoom. You are prohibited from using the membership for commercial use. You cannot copy or distribute text, script, graphics, and communication functions of these features. Zig Zag Zoom grants account, ID, and rights to use the content only regarding the service. You are prohibited from lending, selling, or using these items as collateral.


Usage Restriction

Zig Zag Zoom may restrict the usage by issuing a warning, temporary suspension, or permanent ban, should you violate these terms or interfere with the service management. Zig Zag Zoom may suspend any member who violates the law by providing illegal programs, interfering the business practices, hacking, distributing malware, exceeding login limits, or engaging in any other behavior detrimental to the service. When suspended, a member loses all privileges to use the service. Zig Zag Zoom is not responsible for any compensation with regard to restricted account. Zig Zag Zoom may restrict your usage if you do not log in for more than three months for efficiency of protecting your personal information and managing service. Details and conditions of such restriction are based on Zig Zag Zoom's policies on usage/service restriction. Based on the terms, Zig Zag Zoom is responsible for informing you, should Zig Zag Zoom limit or terminate your contract. You may appeal any service restriction through procedures provided by Zig Zag Zoom. Upon staff review, if your appeal warrants account reinstatement, Zig Zag Zoom will resume account privileges.


Limits of Liability

  1. Zig Zag Zoom is waived of liabilities for not being able to provide the service due to natural disasters or any equivalent occurrence.
  2. Zig Zag Zoom is waived of liabilities for any commercial activity between you and a third party, if you use the Zig Zag Zoom service as a medium
  3. Zig Zag Zoom is not responsible for usage of free service unless there is a specific law regarding the usage.
  4. Zig Zag Zoom is not responsible for any of products, content, or quality of the service provided by a third party, such as a Zig Zag Zoom managed platform. Zig Zag Zoom has any obligation of monitoring the service quality of the third party service.
  5. Zig Zag Zoom, employees, or representatives of Zig Zag Zoom are not responsible for any damage/loss due to the following:
  • False or inaccurate personal information,
  • Connecting/using the service without knowing the nature and reason of the usage,
  • Illegal connection or usage of the service by a third party,
  • Illegal interference or any damage regarding the server activity by a third party,
  • Abnormal usage of the service with the purpose of sending and distributing any viruses, spyware, or any other malware by a third party, or
  • Data being omitted, deleted, destroyed, by a third party


Laws and Jurisdiction

If you are a United States resident, judicial proceedings (other than small claims actions) must be brought in state or federal court in Los Angeles, California, unless we both agree to some other location. You and Zig Zag Zoom both consent to venue and personal jurisdiction in Los Angeles, California.